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Safeguard your child with Aquastar’s Learn to Swim program.


Learning how to swim is an essential part of Australian life. Aquastar Swim Schools will give you the confidence that you are providing your family with the skills they need to reduce the risks this summer and begin a positive, life-long and respectful relationship with the water.

Lessons include water safety skills to help build confidence as well as stroke correction and development in a fun, safe and interactive environment.

We are an established and trusted Learn to Swim program.

We maintain small class ratios to give students the attention they need.

Our program consists of 13 levels, designed to provide all children with optimum progression.

Aquastar Learn to Swim Beginner


Aquastar Learn to Swim Intermediate


Aquastar Learn to Swim Advanced


Aquastar Learn to Swim Elite



Class Size: Maximum of 4 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

For new swimmers, this class encourages water confidence and independent swimming. The main goals, include an unassisted push and glide from the side of the pool and a relaxed back float. Safe pool entries and exits are encouraged.


Class Size: Maximum of 4 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

This class is for children who are confident on the water but have a limited swimming ability. Our aim is to begin streamlining the swimmer and developing a strong freestyle kick this is often referred to as a “torpedo”. For safety the students are taught to float on their back without assistance, and recover confidently to an upright position.


Class Size: Maximum of 4 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level students are starting to develop a strong freestyle kick and are now ready to introduce “big arms”. At this stage students will begin to swim unassisted over distances of 5m. The safety component at this level will teach the child to roll onto their backs to take a breath after taking a leap into deep water.


Class Size: Maximum of 4 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level students will work on distance achieved using both full freestyle and backstroke kick. A pop up breath is encouraged. Diving is taught from a kneeling position and students will be asked to retrieve objects off the bottom of the pool without goggles.


Class Size: Maximum of 4 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

The students will be introduced to 3 new skills, side breathing, back stroke arms and breaststroke kick. The basic dive is progressed from kneeling to standing. The water safety component at this level will introduce the student to survival backstroke.


Class Size: Maximum of 5 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

The emphasis here is on correcting freestyle and backstroke technique. Bilateral breathing is encouraged on every 3 strokes. Distances of 25m will be attempted. Focus is put on breaststroke kick achieving symmetry and propulsion. Basic sculling is introduced and 25m is expected to be performed using survival backstroke.


Class Size: Maximum of 5 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

Further development of both freestyle and backstroke technique and endurance. Swimmers will aim to complete 25m comfortably. Full breaststroke is introduced along with basic starts and turns.


Class Size: Maximum of 5 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

Significant emphasis is placed on stroke techniques. Dolphin kick will be introduced along with a forward somersault in preparation for tumble turns. Students will be asked to complete a 100m continuous swim using the 4 strokes they have learnt (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke). Sculling is developed and students will be asked to tread water with their heads above the water surface.


Class Size: Maximum of 5 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

Students will continue to work on all aspects of stroke development building to a continuous swim of 200m. Full butterfly is introduced. Starts, turns and tumble turns are taught and practiced. Students will be asked to tread water for 3 mins whilst keeping their heads above water.


Class Size: Maximum of 5 students
Class Duration: 30 minutes

Further correction of strokes and techniques taught will culminate in a 300m continuous swim. 25m of recognisable butterfly will be expected to complete this level along with demonstrations of all starts and turns. Further sculling techniques are taught in both a forward and backward direction. This is the final Learn To Swim level and students completing this stage will be able to choose whether to step into Junior Squad and eventually our Intermediate and Advanced Squad programs.

Our Squad program allows coaches to work on a term-by-term planned program, which focuses on one of the four competitive strokes each week. The sessions will consist of the relevant skills and drills for each level. All components of the stroke will be touched on, including the correct starts, turns, and finishes. There will also be weeks dedicated to time trials.


Class Duration: 45 minutes

Junior Squad (previously Pre Squad) is aimed at those progressing from Advanced 3 level and new swimmers into the Elite program. Junior Squad aims to improve freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke technique, and develop strong butterfly skills. It also focuses on the correct starts and turns for each stroke.


Class Duration: 60 minutes

After completing a minimum of two terms in Junior Squad, and reaching the required standard, swimmers will progress to Intermediate Squad (previously Squad). Here, swimmers will continue to further develop their technique with a greater focus on stroke efficiency. With increased efficiency, speed will increase and endurance will develop.


Class Duration: 60 minutes

Advanced Squad is an invitational squad, aimed at our more competitive swimmers. It is for swimmers who have shown the ability and technique over the four competitive strokes, and the associated starts and turns. It will take their swimming to the next level, including Club. Advanced Squad gives the swimmer all the tools necessary to compete under race conditions. To assist the swimmers build their strength and stamina, more endurance work will be incorporated into the sessions.


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Aquastar Swim School’s Learn to Swim classes are set by ability rather than age, which is why we assess every child’s ability to ensure they begin swimming at the correct level within the swim school program. Each learn to swim assessment will only take 5-10 minutes where the instructor will ask your child to perform a few simple tasks in the water.

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